Something You Need to Know Before Dating a Trans Girl


Trans dating is the same as other dating

Dating a trans girl is the same as dating an ordinary girl. Love and respect are also needed in trans dating. If you already know how to date a girl, them date a transgender girl in the same way, just treat her as an ordinary girl. However, if you even don't know how to date a girl, you need to learn something about dating firstly.

2. Know about the meaning of transgender

Being a trans girl means she was assigned with the wrong gender, and she was born as a boy. But in her inner heart, she wants to be a girl. As they grow up, they choose to live as a boy. Some of them may change their gender by surgery. No matter how they live, they are women, we need to treat them as real women.

3. Sexuality and gender are different from each other

Many people don't understand the difference between sexuality and gender, so I want to mention that they are different from each other. Don't make mistakes on sexuality and gender, especially when date a trans girl. Respect them as who they are.

4. They didn't transition to cater men

People who don't clear about trans girls often assume that trans girls choose to transition only to cater men. That's sounds unbelievable. Being trans can never associated with sexuality. Trans girls just want to live as they like, never want to cater anyone.

5. Be open-minded when date a trans girl

Living in the year of 2018, an open and crowded world. Anything strange and new can be well accepted by most of people. Be open-minded to date a trans girl if you want, never mind other people's opinions.

6. Don't pay much attention on her gender

Some trans girls have changed their gender through hormone therapy and physical surgery, some haven't. In ts dating, don't pay much attention on her gender and ask something about hormone therapy and physical surgery. Will you ask this kind of question when date an ordinary girl? If not, please don't ask this question when date a trans girl.

7. Always remember trans girl is a girl

When you date a trans girl, you should always remember that she is a real girl, no matter how she acts and what she looks like. They live in women's world for a short time, they need more time to make themselves look more feminine.

8. Dating a trans girl doesn't mean you are gay

Stigma on trans dating said that men who date trans girls are gay, I just stop the spread of the rumor here. Dating a trans girl never make you gay or lesbian. I want to tell all trans girls, if a guy date you and worried he’s gay, stop dating him. Obviously, he has caught in the trap of stigma. before dating a guy, you should know about each other clearly, especially if you are a trans girl.