What Are The Basic Misconceptions That Force Guys not to Date A Transsexual Woman?

Dating a transsexual woman is one of my biggest sexual fantasies that I can fulfill for any cost. I am 35 now and dated many transgender women till now. When I share my feeling to one of my friend about trans date or dating a transsexual woman, he was so surprised about transsexual date and dating a transsexual woman. In fact, he saw me like a criminal or calling me gay or bi-sexual. I was bit surprised to hear these things from him.

Dating a transsexual isn't really that what he or most guys thinks about transsexual dating. In fact dating a transsexual woman is one of the best things that you can have in your life. But still there are many guys around us that still think that a tranny dating is sin and we don’t have to date a transsexual woman. When I tried to ask some of the reasons from my friend about not dating a transsexual woman, I was surprised that all the reasons are a big myth and he still believe in such misconceptions that are not even correct or never proved by anyone. I am going to share these myths or misconception with you that my friend told me about transsexual date and a transsexual woman. Here are some of these reasons are.

If you are dating a transsexual woman, she will ask your money in return - this is one of the biggest misconceptions that I ever heard about transsexual woman. Transsexual woman lives a wealthy and reputed life in our society and having a good job for living as well. They earned a good amount of money as well as compare to most cig genders. If you think that transsexual woman will ask for money favors from you in return if you date her, than you are not quite correct or you still live in virtual world that is full of myths and misconceptions. Transsexual women are only looking for a good companion and a true love and a long term relationship. If you never date a transsexual woman because you think that she will ask for money or other favors from you in return, believe me these are all misconception and you won't have to pay a single penny to your transsexual woman if you start dating her.

Dating a transsexual woman will make you a gay - there is another thing that I heard about transsexual dating that you will turn into a gay if you date a transsexual woman. Being a gay or remain straight is quite depending only on you. Transsexual woman have nothing to do with this. This is your sexual choice what you want to be and how you manage your sexual requirements. If you date a transsexual woman, you won't turn into a gay.

So, these are nothing more than a myth or a misconception that you should avoid or ignore if you start dating a transsexual woman.