Questions I don't want to be asked

I'm a transgender woman, and it seems hard for me to meet an ideal ts dating partner both online and offline. After dating with different people, I found that most of them don't know how to date a transgender woman. I suggest all everyone who want to date transgender women to know more about transgender women and do some research before meeting a transgender women in real life. I've met some guys who even don't know how to communicate with transgender women or what to talk about when dating transgender women. So, I list some questions that I don't want to be asked in transgender dating.

1. What's the difference between you and real woman?

Many guys as this questions when dating trans women. I think the reason why it is hard for trans women to find true love is that some people don't respect transgender women in tranny date. In many people's eyes, transgender women are not real women. I'm a trans woman, but I don't think I'm different from other women. When I was first asked if I'm a real woman, I answered it politely, but later, more and more people ask me the same question. I don't want to answer this question anymore. It is a matter of in-respect. I will never date some who cannot respect me as a transgender woman.

2. Are you gay?

If you treat me as a real woman, I think you will never ask this question. I want to mention again, transgender women are real women, not gay, and dating a transgender woman never make you gay. What is gay? It means a man date another man. Trans dating means dating a transgender person, it is different from gay dating. I cannot really understand why they don't know the different between gay dating and trans dating. If you are experienced in online dating, it is easy to find that there are many trans dating sites only for ts dating, and gay dating sites only for gay dating, and it is also easy to find the difference between gay dating and transgender dating. I don't want to be treated as gay, and I don't want to be asked any questions about gay dating.

3. Are you dating for fun?

When talking about dating transgender women, many people just connect it with porn industry. That is the biggest misunderstanding on ts dating. As a transgender women, I'm looking for serious dating partner for life time relationship. I cannot deny that some transgender women just want to meet guys and dating for fun or for other intentions, but most transgender women like me are looking for pure dating and love relationship. Why I don't want to be asked are you dating for fun, or are you looking for hookup? I don't want to make other people feel that transgender girls are easy girls who are only interested in hookup, or one night relationship. Before dating a transgender woman, I hope you can have a better understanding on transgender women and ts dating.